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Beds AAA 10k Virtual Race (UKA License 2020-40789)

Date: Between 13th June and 19th July 2020

Course: Beds AAA 10K course Bedford Priory Park



Entrants are invited to enter and run the Beds AAA 10K course in Bedford that has been used annually for the past 3 years for the Beds AAA 10k race. The course starts and finishes at Bedford Priory Park (MK41 9DJ) and is entirely traffic free on metalled cycle ways. Entrants are advised to avoid popular times as the route is often used by walkers, cyclists and other runners. Social distancing guidance must be followed at all times and you should be courteous to all other cycleway users on the course. Once you have completed your run on the course and recorded it on Strava, you should email the organiser with your result. At the end of the “virtual race window of 13th June and 19th July 2020, full results will be published on the Bedfordshire AAA website.


Race procedure


All entrants should enter the virtual race using the online entry website at before running the virtual race. Entry is free and all entrants must be a minimum 15 years. If you qualify as a Beds county championship competitor (born in Bedfordshire or resident in Bedfordshire for the previous 9 months), tick the “Beds Championships” box.


Running the course:

Once you have entered the virtual race, choose a date and time to run the course, between 13th June and 19th July 2020. Please try to avoid popular times, which tend to be late afternoons and “cycle commuter” rush hour on weekdays. A map of the 10k course is posted on the Bedfordshire AAA website ( You should use Strava (or some other internet recording mechanism) to record your run. A Strava link to the course is available here


The start line is marked in the car park behind the Bedford Priory Marina Hotel (Premier Inn) near to the entrance gates to the Marina. It is marked “10K-S”. The finish line is marked on the cycleway just beyond the two metal gates (2m high). It is marked “10K-F”. Please be especially aware of traffic, cyclists and pedestrians over the first 200m of the course, especially where it crosses the road entrance to Priory Park. The course will be marked with ARROWS where it turns at junctions, but you should familiarise yourself with the course and take the map with you if you are unsure. Kilometre markers will be painted on the course where possible.


You are advised to take a mobile phone in case of emergencies whilst running the course and ensure that a family member or friend knows of your plans. Free parking is available about 400 metres from the start/finish in Aspects Leisure Park.



After your run on the course, you should email the organiser ( with your full name, date and time of run, finish time and link to your Strava (or other) recording. After the end of the “virtual race window of 13th June and 19th July 2020, full results for all competitors will be coordinated and published on the Bedfordshire AAA website.



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